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Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Get The Book?

IMEDIATELY! Right after you complete your checkout, you will be taken to your product download page.


How much will it cost me to build this costume?

A craft hot knife is helpful, but the foam "can" be cut with a utility knife.

You need a low temperature or dual temperature glue gun.

Total including tools is less than $100, if you are conservative.

The book is intended to give teach principles on how to build costumes... You don't have to build that exact one, but instructions are included with the book on how to get the pattern for the car and others (for free).

Again, you can alter the design, and make this more expensive or less expensive. The plans are just a baseline.

All I get is an electronic book?

No, you also get EXCLUSIVE access to 2 movies of the build, shot from 2 different angles for clarity. There is no audio with the movies, and they have been sped up quite heavily to get them down to 20 minute videos. 95% of the build is captured on these videos. Although its moving fast... You can pause and rewatch as many times as needed if you have confusion durring the build


Can you make it fit an adult?

Yes, there are instructions included in the book, that explain how to size and scale the plans to fit. I've never made one that large, so additional reinforcement may be necessary. Reinforcing is also covered in the book.

How long does it take?

I built that one spending a few very late evenings. I have built a few and am pretty proficient. But I took extra care to make sure I was photo graphing and taking notes to help write the book. If you are somewhat crafty, I imagine you too could build the costume in a few evenings or as a weekend project.